Services for HR Manager

Planning, preparing and running of expatriations / relocations


General advice

  • Tax and social security planning of expatriations in and out of Germany
  • Examination of the impact of contractual tax clauses
  • Investigation of Incentive Plans (Stock Options, Restricted Shares etc.), Pension plans and Deferred Compensation
  • Tailoring and implementation of tax equalization policies
  • Face-to-face meetings or conference calls with expatriates and/or HR-Managers to discuss the tax and social security aspects of the expatriation
  • Team presentations (if more employees are assigned / relocated)
  • Hypothetical tax calculations (Gross-to-Net and Net-to-Gross) and other simulations, Tax Equalization Calculations
  • Cost Projection
  • Assistance on the assignee registration and de-registration with German authorities

Employer wage tax withholdings

  • Clarification of wage tax obligations for employee transfers
  • Applications for exemption from wage tax withholdings according to tax treaties
  • Regular payroll administration for inpatriates, expatriates and local employees
  • Full or partial attendance to wage tax audits
  • Support in wage tax proceedings
  • Negotiation of binding agreements and rulings with the company tax office(s)


Social security

  • Arrangement for E101 and other certificates of coverage
  • Application for refund of paid social security contributions
  • Child benefit (Kindergeld) and parental benefit (Elterngeld)

Tax compliance support for your expatriates


Personal tax returns and applications

  • Income tax returns for residents and non-residents
  • Tax returns for determination of joint income
  • VAT monthly reports / VAT annual tax returns
  • Inheritance and gift tax returns
  • Applications for reduction/cancellation of the monthly wage tax withholdings
  • Applications for upfront exemption from capital tax withholdings
  • Applications for refund of withheld capital taxes according to tax treaties


Procedural support

  • Tax office queries to tax returns and other tax affairs
  • Negotiation of binding agreements and rulings with German tax authorities
  • Verification of tax assessment notices
  • Filing of appeals with the tax authorities and representation in tax court lawsuits
  • Tax audits assistance
  • Support in tax evasion procedures




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