Separate Services

(e.g. Personal Income Tax Return )


We calculate our fees according to the official German Schedule of Fees for Tax Advisors (StBGebV) which provides a fee range depending on the values involved.

Based on this fee range we calculate the exact fee by taking into account the volume of work and our spent time.

The better our clients prepare their documents/information and no clarifications are necessary the lower our fees are.

Normally, we can give you a fee quote once we have received enough information about your tax situation during our first contact. If we find out later during the work that additional services will be required we immediately inform you upfront about the expected additional fees to get your approval.

For repeating services like accounting and monthly payroll we are often able to offer fixed fees.

Bundled Fees

(e.g. full services for several expatriates)


In deviation from the Schedule of Fees for Tax Advisors we offer fixed fees for service bundles which are lower than the sum of separate service fees. The bundled fee discount depends in particular on the scope of services and how many packages for how long we agree upon.


We are engaged to provide the following tax services to a foreign expatriate by his German employer during the entire expatriation (3 years, start July 1, 2009)

  • an entrance meeting and application for German child allowances at the beginning of the expatriation
  • 4 income tax returns during the stay in Germany
  • an exit meeting at the end


For such a full package we can offer a discount between 10% and 15% compared to the sum of all separate fees.

If this package is negotiated for a higher number of expatriates we usually offer further discounts, sometimes up to 30% in dependence from the size of the population.




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